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If we did not have time yesterday ...

Make your own wiki (click it)

Select Private (free for educators otherwise $5/month)

We shall attempt to walk through this process together!

In order to create a new wiki page, do the following...
  • Click on the New Page link to the left
  • In the Enter the name of your new page box, type the new page name (the name should make sense and each word should be capitalized) and click the create button
  • Remove the Type in the content of your new page here. message and begin typing on your page
  • Save your page
  • Make some more pages
  • Edit and format your pages
  • Link to other pages in your wiki
  • Link to other web sites


Making your first wiki page, an autobiography

  • Wiki pages

    • Edit text on a wiki page

      • Bold

      • Italics

      • Colors

      • Size

      • Alignment

      • Bullets

      • Numbering

      • Horizontal rule

  • Link to other pages within your own wiki

  • Link to web pages outside your wiki

  • Adding pictures



wikispaces Help for K-12 Teachers